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My Life
Evil come to me, touch my soul
And guide me into the chaos
Destroy everything around me
Show me infinity and the dark
Lost in a state of not existing
Close in a coffin made of fails
Suffocated by a desire of death
I curse every desire of life
©2014 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 2 0
Dream of dark
In my bed I close my eyes
when dark feed my desire
The hell rises around me
And the fire burns wild.
Empty abyss in the dark
Where the souls scream in vain
There is no light only chaos
tears of blood from the sky
Dammed human try to escape
there is no way out from the hell
One by one they will burn alone
under a sky without stars
In the nightmare of humanity
maybe you can find my dream
In the dark of your mind
feed this fire an make it real
©2010-2014 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 5 0
Waning Moon
Misanthropy increases inside
Premonition behind the veils
A wicked smile in this sky
And the sin is in my mind.
Mankind is a rotten flock
Day by day and night by night
They lose their time
And everything, until to die.
I have a book full of your lies
Every page burns. Sad mankind.
Madness full of harmony
In the silence around me
Another word outside the window
Another day behind my life.
Alone I walk, along this life
And misanthropy kills my Loneliness
My love becomes insanity
And I see a smile behind the clouds.
I have a dream full of your fear
Every night, dark and death my mind.
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 5 0
In The Night Of Life
We are in the throne room
Candles break the night
And the ladies dance in this life.
The king in his loneliness waits
And the true kisses the lies
And their caresses are so blind.
The beast is out, behind this wall
And revenge waits his rise
In the white cold night
Come back and listen to me
No one can find the true
And we are lost in the night of life.
The lady's scream walks in the room
Fear in their eyes
And the fire through their bones.
Through their breath comes and rises
Into their eyes increases
And with their souls it disappears.
And the Morning of new day comes
Screams are so far from last night
And the bells of hell play a dirge.
The beast sleeps in the forest
And silently waits to wake up
In every nights of your life.
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 1 0
The Escapist
My heart, another day alone.
In this life, only me alone.
I'm trapped, in a meadow of flies.
I live, in the land of lies.
People with a cripples smile,
like a leaf that falls in autumn.
Fleshy weakness and a dirt imbalance,
dreams like muddy at the end of the night.
Escapes, escapes yet again.
At the end of the world, in the dark.
Savor the poison in your mind.
You are the escapist, in this life.
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 2 5
Road Of Solitude
Along the road of solitude
I've lost my way again
And it's time to said farewell
The end is not so far
Along this road of solitude
Your smile is only a cloud
It's not a false goodbye
This is my last farewell
At the end of this road
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 2 0
Disappear in a last breath
In a room full of silence
When you sleep but you don't feel me
Disappear when your smile fails
And the Silence in your eyes
When your caresses are razorblade
Disappear along this road
Under the clouds full of rain
And behind me the horizon  changes
you didn't understand me
And now if you can read this
All it's changed and I'm not here
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 8 0
The Garret Of My Mind
Welcome to the garret of my mind,
where you can find the truth,
outside there is only lies.
Here the time embrace solitude.
sit back and I will show you everything,
a story without beginning and end.
Out is not so simple,
inside me is all difficult,
and I'm forced to wear a mask,
and I have no answer, so do not ask!
You came expecting to find the truth,
but under the dust you can't see my youth,
and for every question only doubts and anguish.
Out is not so simple,
inside me is all difficult,
and I'm forced to hide my soul,
If you have an answer it's behind a wall.
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 4 0
Wind Of Doom
Where is the path?
My blinded eyes cannot see.
My heart, my breath again.
And a shudder in my bones.
My silent prayer walks again.
But god is not here with my sins.
Damnation sleep with me.
I can fell the wind of the doom.
Somewhere in the northern light.
Where the cold is a ruthless thorn .
And the wind of doom from the forest.
©2010-2012 ~ Myrkr Vörðr
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 2 0
Dreaming the end
Dreaming the end
In the cold of this night
Waiting the death
Calling my demons
At the end of the light
Following my fate
Showing my sins
In the dark side of my life
Waiting the end
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 4 5
My Land
The shadow of the bough freezes my soul,
a brook noise breaks the silence,
up to the hillside until to the source.
Scenery of loneliness around me
and a noise of bells grazes my heart,
when the owl's eyes find my souls.
In a desert of ice, in the forest of snow,
down to the mountain, a wake of witch,
with her fire and her sins.
In this night of this strange life,
with the creatures of the dark,
I don't need to find my home.
A strange equilibrium on this moment,
no enough answers for my questions,
in this land painted by my breath.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 2 6
Dark Lady
In a winter landscape I crawl,
crying in a silent solitude,
a shadow dance, inside my eyes.
I remember her smile full of dark.
I remember her lips full of passion.
I remember her breath full of death.
The wind caressed her hair,
the moon shoved the dark,
and the silence in her smile.
At the end of the world.
At the end of your road.
At the end of the night.
She waits, the end of my life.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 5 4
Sometimes, somewhere so close,
in a moment of your life, someone.
Close, so far away in your mind,
Your eyes can see, not your heart
your eyes can see, not your mind.
Some one that you don't know,
Only a figure in your picture.
Only a voice in the chaos,
only a shadow in your eyes
Only a soul in your life,
someone that you can help,
someone that can help you.
Only a breath that dies without you.
And like the last year snow I disappear.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 8 7
Remembrances from the dark
A flight of ravens obscures the sky,
a kiss in a grave from the past,
madness creeps into the night
and the passion freezes the bones.
Remembrances from the dark,
here nobody can understand,
here the future was the night
and the past was just so child.
Helpless heart in the hands,
a black rose for the fate,
when the solitude walks through the night
and the sky hides the stars.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 7 2
Insanity Inside
Death roams all around,
in the heart, insanity waits,
spirits are struggling to lose
and a scream but no noise.
Solitude in search of hate,
insanity is here and waits,
in a corner without light,
at the end of the night.
Like the fire that walk alone
and behind leave only ash,
like the cold inside the bones,
the insanity floods the world.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 7 6
To The End Of This Life
Walking in your silence,
walking in your solitude,
walking without a destination.
Into the night in the wind,
with the silence of your insanity,
without a soul and no hopes.
In this night without stars,
with this eyes so blind.
To the end of this life.
:iconmyrkrv:MyrkrV 6 5


“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” - Mark Twain

I think that this quote is sufficient to describe our situation in this world, democracy is only an illusion used to control us. They give us only an illusion of a chose but our chose is not important in the mechanism of the governments . We dont chose , we are faced  with choices of  who have the control.

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Myrkr Vrr



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